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Go Green-Keep It Cleantm with PFS

With the dramatic technology changes in fuel and equipment you can trust PFS to give you the tools to run longer and save money. 

Text Box: ULSDT  Diesel Supplement Formula Update!
Text Box: The prolonged use of ultra low sulfur diesel “ULSD” and Bio fuel has    created some new and unique problems in our new and existing equipment.  Click hear to see how PFS can help!

· Our latest Gas Treatments with Ethanol Guardian has dual corrosion and  lubricity additives for superior protection in ethanol fuels

· Fuel Stabilizer for long term shelf life

· Combustion improver allows you fuel to burn more cleanly and completely increasing power and performance

· A clean fuel system gets better fuel economy and performance

· Cleans entire fuel system even ethanol deposits

· Removes the water from the system every time it is used reducing “phase separation” avoiding its problems. Using it every time


                                     The prolonged use of Gasoline with Ethanol has created some new and unique problems in our new and existing equipment. Performance Fuel Specialists is excited to announce our latest Gas Treatment Formula with Ethanol Guardian TM  helping you combat all of the latest problems with your Automotive and Marine Equipment. It is now compatible with E10 and E85 fuel. Check out what PFS can do for your equipment: