The use of Ethanol Based Fuels or E85 continues nationwide and is mandated in several areas. Many ethanol fuels contain 10% ethanol in order to reduce harmful emission and the amount of crude oil needed to keep us on the road.  These fuels differ from the gasoline we used in the past and with the change come some additional problems. Ethanol in your gasoline present unique problems for the gasoline fuel

Text Box: Ethanol Fuels and Your Car

system. One is the affects that any alcohol has on rubber and plastic components in your vehicle. There is much more corrosion in the fuel system with the use of these fuels and fuel systems are at risk. Older equipment and vehicles are especially susceptible. Marine and small engines are at the highest risk Other problems that are experienced with these fuels is resin deposits, hard starting, poor performance and reduced power. In addition the ethanol absorbs water out of the air and mixes and with time settles to the bottom of the tank, (phase separation) providing the opportunity for a straight dose of water and alcohol during start up. This could be the end of your small engine  PFS Gas Plus, Xtreme Marine and Lead Plus all contain our Ethanol GuardianTM are essential for those using ethanol based fuel or E85PFS products will not only prevent much of the deterioration caused by these fuels, but will also keep your fuel system clean and help your car start easier helping to restore that lost power you have been complaining about.   

   Overall there have been many changes in fuel in the last few years and this has created a great demand for  quality additives.  Some adjustments will have to be made to deal with these changes but the best way is the same as always, preventive maintenance.