The majority of fuel additives on the market today are alcohol and solvent based. This is usually done for two reasons.  One is that alcohols and solvents by  their very nature do have some cleaning ability. The second reason is that they are cheap. 


Even though they can legally claim that they clean, some clean very aggressively. The problems you encounter with alcohol’s or solvents, can far out weigh the cleaning benefits that may occur.  Simply because a product does one thing such as cleaning doesn’t mean that it is a good product. While these additives pass through your fuel system they may or may not clean, but at the same time they strip the lubrication off of critical fuel components such as pumps and injectors.  They also dry out the rubber and plastic  components causing cracking and degradation.  These two things in itself cause premature failure of your fuel system.  Many parts that need replaced are just chalked up to normal wear and tear when in fact they failed early due to the use or these additives. Think about it the next time you replace a pump or injector.


This is only part of the problem. These products can also cause hard starting and rough idling  as well as premature fuel degradation.  The use of alcohol’sare not only warned against in all owners manuals but some products can even void your warranty.  Methanol, one of the biggest sellers, is not to be used in fuel injected or diesel fuel applications even though some makers of methanol may say it is safe.


While there is some benefit to the use of alcohols, such as when you have a frozen fuel line, if the vehicle is treated regularly with any of the PFS fuel treatments this should not occur except in extreme circumstances. Alcohol mixes with water and can coagulates it together where it gathers in the bottom of the tank.  The movement of the vehicle will cause the water to go into temporary suspension and can be pulled into the fuel system.  This can cause large droplets of water and alcohol, (neither of which are good for your fuel system) and can causing unprecedented harm. PFS products are made to break the water up into tiny droplets encapsulating and dispersing them, removing them safely through your fuel system. 


 All in all there are much better ways to clean and remove water etc. but it is impossible to do it safely and effectively when you are selling a product for 1.99 a bottle. There is simply not enough money there to pay for all of the packaging, shipping and handling involved not to mention the profit that has to be made by those selling it.

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