Changing the Way You Treat Your Fuel

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Launching this June through November, our four-part series dives into vital topics like gasoline, ethanol, and protecting your automotive investment. Discover the secrets behind diesel additives for warmer weather and unravel the complexities of summer vs. winter fuel in our two-part anti-gel series.

Stay tuned for “Our Taking Your Fuel Seriously Tour”ā€”Let PFS help you take charge of your fuel!

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June 23 Ā Ā 
Fueling Your Ride: Mastering Gasoline and Ethanol In Your Engine

July 14Ā  Ā Ā Ā 
Season-Proof Diesel: Maintaining Engines in Every Climate

October 20 Ā Ā 
Your Dieselā€”anti-gel or blend? Where, when and how much?

November 17Ā  Ā 
Diesel in the Deep Freeze: Essential Winter Fuel Doā€™s and Donā€™ts

PFS owner Guy Olson shown with Motorhead Garage host Dave Dobson. Display of the set with PFS products which Guy shared along with fuel system maintenance tips.

Our owner, Guy Olson, as seen on Motorhead Garage, talking to host Dave Dobson about fuel systems. This is a MotorTrend show, and the segment can also be seen on REV Canada and REV’N.

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Dear Valued Customers,

We regret to inform you of a critical update regarding the lead substitute replacement chemistry used all lead replacement products. As of approximately two years ago, the manufacturer of this essential chemical ceased production, rendering the lead replacement additive unavailable for all additive manufacturers.

Performance Fuel Specialists currently has a limited supply of our Lead Plus Lead replacement additive in 12 oz size only. Regrettably, to our knowledge, other manufacturers no longer possess any remaining stock. Please be advised that our inventory is finite, and once depleted, it cannot be replenished.

We urge you to consider the approximate shelf life of the product when stored enclosed in its original box and packaging in a stable environment, estimated at approximately five years.

Thank you for your continued trust in PFS.


Ā Guy L. Olson,Ā Ā  President

New Fuel System Training Opportunities


ā€” On-Site Clinics Available

Topics Include:

Fuel Heaters

Water Contamination and Removal

Microbial Contamination

Solvent and Alcohol in a Fuel System

Changing Fuels for Changing Seasons

Applications of Lubricity Agents

Diesel Blending: Effects of #1

Fuel Maintenance Programs

Effects of Fuel Viscosity

Filter Tolerances

Now Booking Dates for Summer 2024 and Beyond

Share valuable training with your entire organization on specifics of fuel systems and chemicals involved. Presenter is a fuel expert with more than 40 years of experience.This clinic is worthwhile for any company that uses an engine, big or small, in the course of businessā€”from fleets of semi trucks to farm equipment to landscapers with trucks and mowers.

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Protect your engine today.

Change the way you treat your fuel.

Quality additives for gas and dieselā€”even leaded gas substituteā€”from hot to cold climates, lawn mowers to heavy equipment.

Protect your engine today.

Change the way you treat your fuel.

Quality additives for gas and dieselā€”even leaded gas substituteā€”from hot to cold climates, lawn mowers to heavy equipment.

Protect your engine today.

Change the way you treat your fuel.

Quality additives for gas and dieselā€”even leaded gas substituteā€”from hot to cold climates, lawn mowers to heavy equipment.

Protect your engine today.

Change the way you treat your fuel.

Quality additives for gas and dieselā€”even leaded gas substituteā€”from hot to cold climates, lawn mowers to heavy equipment.

Protect your engine today.

Change the way you treat your fuel.

Quality additives for gas and dieselā€”even leaded gas substituteā€”from hot to cold climates, lawn mowers to heavy equipment.

“Changing The Way You Treat Your Fuel”

FREE Shipping On All Cases And Buckets!

Image of bottles: Gas Treatment Additive, Lead Substitute, Marine Fuel Treatment
Today’s gas engines operate on the most advanced levels of fuel injection technology. The performance demand and efficiency of our daily fuel supply is NOT keeping up with these engine performance advances. Your investment deserves the BEST in fuel additive for performance, prevention, and fuel system efficiency.
Arctic Xtreme and Power Plus Diesel Fuel Treatments

Complete Fuel System Protection: PFS IS The Choice For Today’s Demanding High Performance Diesel Injectors

The demand of much faster injector cycles, high temperatures, and the failure of fuel supply companies to keep up with the advancements in engine technology, makes it a requirement to protect your equipment with the BEST in diesel fuel additives – Start With PFS Today!

GREEN MANUFACTURING: PFS Additives Are Manufactured With Quality, Precision and Education – The Right Choice Is Performance Fuel Specialists

The Fuel Guys have created and continued to advance these formulas for over 30 years. PFS manufactures and distributes these products by hand right here in the United States – Made In The USA! You will find the best results and proof of this when you start with a 1 month supply of the PFS fuel additive solution.

Custom Bottles Add Efficiency & Value!

Keep A Bottle In Your Vehicle For Each Fill Up!

Individual bottles are conveniently designed to measure and ensure accurate control.

With the pinhole control top and easy to read ounces, it is easy to make sure you’re getting the proper amount of additive each time you fuel.

The Fuel Guys: “Changing The Way You Treat Your Fuel.”

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PFS additives are highly concentrated for added value and quality. This also dramatically reduces the amount of plastic waste in consideration of the environment.

Performance Fuel Specialists Profile:

Performance Fuel Specialists fuel treatments were brought to market in 1985, initially only available for industrial, transportation and bulk fuel application.

In 1990, PFS worked in cooperation with a chain of parts stores to introduce a line of fuel treatments for the retail market. Ā  The hardest part of the retail application was the packaging. The retail product is virtually identical to the industrial version. PFS has also brought to the retail market the same ideology of the industrial market that is changing the way the retail market looks at additives. PFS products are only distributed through qualified distributors and parts stores.

We believe this is extremely important in order to keep the integrity that PFS has tried so hard to attain. We do not sell to discount stores of any kind and certain criteria is expected to be met by those wishing to distribute our products.

PFS is dedicated to providing information to educate those selling, using or interested in fuels and additives. We follow a wide range of areas from the changing regulations, to fuels of the future.

PFS is also dedicated to providing the best fuel treatments on the market today. In line with our devotion to proper fuel maintenance we now have a line of fuel testing tools designed to aid those interested in a careful and adequate fuel maintenance program.

Why choose us



We provide information about our own product line and all aspects of fuels in our every changing fuel industry. If you are working with fuel in some vocation or simply have an automobile you will find there is something here for everyone.

Green Is Clean

ā€œGo Green, Keep It Clean TMā€ – Vehicles with a clean fuel system pollute far less and get better fuel economy than with a dirty system. Do the environment and your pocketbook a favor, use PFS every time you fuel..


Outstanding Product

At Performance Fuel Specialists, we specialize in offering high-quality gasoline and diesel fuel treatments suitable for both summer and winter applications. We distinguish ourselves from other additive companies by leveraging the latest advancements in chemical technology to develop our products. PFS focuses exclusively on fuel-related solutions, ensuring that our offerings are meticulously designed to surpass the requirements of modern fuels and equipment. Furthermore, our commitment to transparency is evident through our rigorous testing process. Unlike many competitors, we proudly display the test results for each product category on our website.


Outstanding service

Because the fuel industry is extremely complicated we think it is important for you to have access to needed information. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of our website. Here you will find information on several fuel related subjects as well as product information that can answer questions you may have or help you decide on an additive that is best for you.
Winter diesel fuel anti gel additive

Let's Talk Fuel - We Got It Right For You!

At PFS, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fuel additives.

We understand that technology and common sense are key attributes of successful chemical solutions, and PFS embodies this philosophy. That's why we offer a range of specialized additives designed specifically for gasoline and diesel fuels, catering to the unique requirements of each. Unlike many additives on the market that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, we recognize the inherent differences between gas and diesel and the varying needs of summer and winter applications.

Our products go beyond basic solvent cleaners commonly found in the industry. We provide advanced technology that not only cleans but also safeguards and protects your system without causing any damage. PFS fuel treatments address a wide array of issues that solvents alone cannot effectively handle. Our aim is to offer you unparalleled equipment protection and longevity that sets us apart from the competition.

At PFS, We Take Fuel Seriously.

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