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Arctic Xtreme & Arctic Plus* Anti Gel Complete Winter Fuel Treatment – This Product Does It All – You Save $!

The Best Complete Protection At 1/3 The Cost Of A 50/50 Blend…Without The Negative Effects!

Why Use ARCTIC XTREME Anti Gel Complete Winter Diesel Treatment Every Time You Fuel?

Arctic Xtreme Winter Diesel Formula is the Highest Quality Winter Fuel Additive Package on the market today using the latest technology and chemistry to achieve the absolute highest standards of  fuel quality. Continuous use of Arctic Xtreme will not only give you the ultimate cold weather protection but is a total fuel system care product treating the entire fuel system plus keep it clean indefinitely. It also increases lubricity up to 25% and reduces your particulate output up to 75% reducing re-gen frequency dramatically.  This is only a few of the many benefits  of using our complete package additives.  Use PFS Power Plus for summer months and Arctic Xtreme Antigel for Cold Weather.

All PFS Products will not void your engine’s warranty and is safe for all fuel systems. Great for port or direct injection systems.


Independent Cold Filter Plug Point Test

diesel anti gel
diesel anti gel
diesel anti gel
diesel anti gel
Arctic Xtreme Diesel Anti Gel Fuel Supplement
  • Operating at lower temperature can cause fuel to gel and clog fuel system.
  • Blending #1 & #2 fuel can be troublesome due to inconsistencies in fuel and isn’t the best solution to gelling.
  • All diesel fuel contains wax crystals that can bind together under cold operation and impair the flow of fuel through the system.
  • Inferior anti gel formulas contain alcohol, which can be harsh on fuel systems.
  • Under harsh temperature conditions, fuel systems need lubricity protection more than ever.
  • Your fuel system deserves maximum protection from water condensation, carbon buildup and fuel system deposits.
  • Cleans Entire Fuel System
  • Up to 75% Particulate Reduction
  • Completely Cleans Pumps and Injectors
  • Stabilizes Fuel for Storage
  • Increase Performance & Combustion
  • Reduces CFPP up to –30 F
  • Superior Lubricity up to 25%
  • Improves Cetane Performance
  • Removes Water
  • Fuel Deicer
  • Contains NO ALCOHOL

Volkswagen Turbo Direct Injected Engine Road Test:

  • Carbon dioxide reduced by up to 3%
  • Fuel Economy saving of up to 3.6%
  • Power increase by up to 2.5%
  • Emissions reduced: NonMethylHydroCarbons up to 78%
  • Carbon Monoxide up to 38%
  • Nitrogen Oxide up to 3%
  • Injector flow improvement of 9.6% at cranking speed (150 RPM)
  • Increase of 1.7% in output horsepower and torque
  • 12 oz bottle treats 60 gallons of Diesel – #6012
  • 64 oz bottle treats 320 gallons of Diesel – #6064
  • 5 gallon bucket treats 3200 gallons of Diesel – #6640
  • 55 gallon drum treats 35,200 gallons of Diesel – #6704
  • 275 gallon tote treats 176,000 gallons of Diesel – #6275

Arctic Plus Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment Is Our Double Concentration Anti Gel Product Made Available For Bulk Quantities.

  • 5 gallon bucket treats 6400 gallons of Diesel – #4640
  • 55 gallon drum treats 70,400 gallons of Diesel – #4704
  • 275 gallon tote treats 352,000 gallons of Diesel – #4275
5 gallon bucket of Arctic Plus Diesel Antigel for winter cold performance
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Let's Talk Fuel - We Got It Right For You!

At PFS we take fuel additives one step further. Unlike most products that sell the same treatment everywhere, PFS products are area specific. Or simply put, PFS customizes the product to your vehicle’s needs as well as to the region in which you live. Different parts of the country have different fuel supplement needs and climates with a wide range in humidity and temperature. Fuels can also vary from region to region due to the different suppliers of crude oil used in the manufacturing process. PFS fuel treatment products address these and other variables. We can provide you with the protection and long life of your equipment that others can not. We Take Fuel Seriously.

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