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PFS Lead Plus is a complete lead substitute and system lubrication formula. It creates an oxide which coats the valves and seats and provides the protection that you need to avoid premature valve recession. Also cleans carburetors!

Note:  PFS Products will not void your engine’s warranty and is safe for all fuel systems. 


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In the 1970’s the EPA recognized the affect of leaded gasoline on the environment and public safety.  In response, refineries were required to gradually eliminate the lead in gas by the end of 1995 (from 3+ gram/gallon to zero) One benefit of lead in gas was that it acted as a cushion between the exhaust valves and the valve seats-controlling the problem of valve recession. When the fuel burned in the cylinder it created a lead oxide (powder) and as the exhaust was pushed out of the cylinder the oxide coated the exhaust valve and seat which provided the barrier cushion that protected them. New engine valve seats have been hardened to avoid this problem, but older model engines were designed for leaded fuels. These vehicles need a quality lead substitute.
PFS Lead Plus also creates an oxide which coats the valves and seats and provides the protection that you need to avoid premature valve recession.  Simply by adding a lubricant to your fuel, can only give slight protection against this problem. When the fuel ignites and burns, it burns the lubrication away at the same time.

Lead Plus solves this problem by being a complete lead substitute and system lubrication formula.

Lead Plus Case Study: Coming Soon!
-12 oz bottle treats 120 gallons of fuel – #2012
-64 oz bottle treats 640 gallons of fuel – #2064
-5 gallon bucket treats 6400 gallons of fuel – #2640
-55 gallon drum treats 70,400 gallons of fuel – #2704
-275 gallon tote treats 352,000 gallons of fuel – #2275

Treat Your Heavy Equipment & Older Vehicles With Lead Plus lead substitute + Ethanol Guardian.

Hard working farm and industrial equipment is especially susceptible to valve recession and should never be run without a quality lead substitute. You may not be noticing valve recession in your older vehicles, but it will eventually come to pass if you do not take steps to avoid it.  PFS Lead Plus lead substitute is designed to give you the lead protection your vehicle needs without the negative effects on the environment. It does not contain lead and combats the same variety of fuel problems that Gas Plus does including water removal, carbon build up and fuel system deposits. Great for all direct injection, port injection and carburetors. 

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At PFS we have taken fuel additives one step further - unlike most products that sell the same treatment everywhere - PFS products are Area Specific or simply put, PFS fits the product to your vehicle’s needs as well as to the region in which you live. Different parts of the country have different needs and climates with a wide range in humidity and temperature. Fuels can also vary from region to region due to the different suppliers of crude oil used in the manufacturing process. PFS fuel treatment products address these and other variables. We can provide you with the protection and long life of your equipment that others can not. We Take Fuel Seriously.

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