PFS Offers Bulk Fuel Treatment For Diesel & Gas Suppliers

PFS offers bulk fuel distributors an easy to use affordable option to for your customers giving you control over the quality of the fuels you sell.

Whether it is our PFS Diesel Treatments to make your own premium diesel for the pump or in bulk or your Gasoline, you can supply the right additives for equipment protection, lead substitute and storage with our complete formula PFS Gas Treatments with PFS Ethanol Guardian for added protection.

All concentrated products available in 5-gallon, 55 gallon, or tote sizes up to 275 gallons. Take control of the quality of the fuel your customers use and keep them coming back. Call us direct and see just how easy and affordable it is to use. 888-737-7767

Let's Talk Fuel - We Got It Right For You!

At PFS we take fuel additives one step further. Unlike most products that sell the same treatment everywhere, PFS products are area specific. Or simply put, PFS customizes the product to your vehicle’s needs as well as to the region in which you live. Different parts of the country have different fuel supplement needs and climates with a wide range in humidity and temperature. Fuels can also vary from region to region due to the different suppliers of crude oil used in the manufacturing process. PFS fuel treatment products address these and other variables. We can provide you with the protection and long life of your equipment that others can not. We Take Fuel Seriously.

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