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COVID-19 Announcement

Attn: PFS Customers, Performance Fuel Specialists is committed to serving our customers during this difficult time and continue our operations. With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, PFS is working diligently to find solutions and make recommendations that will be...

Let's Talk Fuel - We Got It Right For You!

At PFS we take fuel additives one step further. Unlike most products that sell the same treatment everywhere, PFS products are area specific. Or simply put, PFS customizes the product to your vehicle’s needs as well as to the region in which you live. Different parts of the country have different fuel supplement needs and climates with a wide range in humidity and temperature. Fuels can also vary from region to region due to the different suppliers of crude oil used in the manufacturing process. PFS fuel treatment products address these and other variables. We can provide you with the protection and long life of your equipment that others can not. We Take Fuel Seriously.

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